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Spoons and straws

Spoons and straws. Yes, we even got straw-spoons. Choose a product to the left of the menu, or check off the kind of product you want a closer look at below. Then click on View.

Ice cream spoon Ice cream spoon
Artikel number 22-222
Volume 12 cm
No/pack. 500
Flat spoon Flat spoon
Artikel number 22-220
Volume 8 cm
No/pack. 1000
Flat spoon, single-pack Flat spoon, single-pa...
Artikel number 22-250
Volume 9.5 cm
No/pack. 4000
Sundae Spoon Sundae Spoon
Artikel number 22-221
Volume 18 cm
No/pack. 500
Sprinkle spoon Sprinkle spoon
Artikel number 22-226
Volume -
No/pack. 12st
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Productnews 2015

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Lid for 20-232/239 Lid for 20-232/239
Artikel number 20-235
Volume -
No/pack. 50
Lid for 20-230 Lid for 20-230
Artikel number 20-233
Volume -
No/pack. 50
Yoghurt cup large Yoghurt cup large
Artikel number 20-239
Volume 360 ml
No/pack. 300
Plastic cup large Plastic cup large
Artikel number 20-232
Volume 250 ml
No/pack. 100
Plastic cup medium Plastic cup medium
Artikel number 20-231
Volume 200 ml
No/pack. 100
Plastic cup small Plastic cup small
Artikel number 20-230
Volume 150 ml
No/pack. 100
Little bear wafers Little bear wafers
Artikel number 23-831
No/pack. 200
Wafer rolls Wafer rolls
Artikel number 23-827
No/pack. 280
Wafer rolls with orangechololate Wafer rolls with orang...
Artikel number 23-830
No/pack. 140
Chocolatefilled rolles Chocolatefilled rolles
Artikel number 23-829
No/pack. 280